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walking on rock 1 man and jacket

Styling and style


Luxury, quality, and timeless cool; as the team behind beachwear label 209 Mare prove, some things translate into every language.

One of the unexpected pleasures of Donhall & Bell’s journey has been our discovery of like-minded businesses across the world — brands who feel just as passionately as we do about creating elegant, beautifully-made clothing and accessories for men.

Brothers Federico and Gabriel Uribe, founders of Monacobased 209 Mare, are a perfect case in point. Their mission, much like ours, is to marry classic elegance and modern innovation. And in their case, those principles are applied to a Cote d’Azur-inspired beachwear line. Their signature piece is the Beach Blazer, made from waterproof velvet and ultra-soft bamboo towelling fabric; “Think of it as a smoking jacket for the swimming pool.” GQ recently declared. And we couldn’t agree more with their motto, proudly stamped on the lid of every box; “Break The Rules In Style.” Teamed with their tailored swim trunks and a pair of Donhall & Bell slippers — as sported in these pictures by Russian model

Miles MacCarthy — 209 Mare prove just how stylish breaking the rules can be. Miles MacCarthy wears the Donhall & Bell Jermyn Grey slipper, in houndstooth Donegal tweed. #BTRIS