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How To Wear The Slipper by The Dapper Chap

Craig of That Dapper Chap introduces us to slipper loafers from Donhall & Bell and shows us how he styles them.

Using original artwork in their designs, Dapper England are out to make a statement in men’s footwear and are doing a solid job of it. A very British brand, they are a small team of creatives offering us inspired footwear, many of which are limited edition lines.
Whether you’re looking for a simple and elegant slipper for the Opera, like the classic black Ascot black or more of a statement shoe like the Ascot-dalmatian or Westbourne-gods for an important party. Maybe you’re simply a gentleman of good taste who enjoys less obvious footwear. Whoever you are and whatever the event there will be a pair of slippers for you.


Dapper England, supplying gentlemen with stylish and elegant footwear

I got these slippers for a formal event last Christmas and styled them into a more festive look at the time with green slim fit trousers a green and blue checked velvet waistcoat and a navy velvet blazer.

Theatre ready in my ‘Eton’ slippers, floral printed trousers and navy blazer

More recently I took my wife to the theatre but treated her to dinner at The Ivy for a pre show meal. These slippers fitted the bill perfectly and I styled them with floral printed trousers and a navy blazer.

The second look with the ‘Eton’ slippers shows me wearing a grey double breasted blazer, grey checked trousers and a navy bow tie with a crisp white shirt. It’s a simple and elegant look and one which would be appropriate for a number of occasions.

Now we have something a little more ‘showy’ with the ‘Rascals’ velvet slippers featuring various Dickensian characters in, lets say, ‘party mode’. Some may call it debauchery, I just think that they’re having a thoroughly good time!Some people may think that shoes like this are difficult to style so I wanted to show you three very different looks with the same shoes. One smart, one smart casual, and one casual.

I wanted to show you the diversity of styles that you can cover with these shoes, and hopefully I’ve done that for you and you now feel a little more confident in your ability to style them at home. With this look I opted for a smart caramel coloured cotton suit. In recognition of the purple elements on the shoes I added a purple tie and bracelets. Keeping the colour palette limited allows the shoes to be the star of the show, just as they deserve to be.

The smart look using the 'Rascals' velvet slippers from Dapper England

This second look again uses the purple elements of the slippers for inspiration, maintaining a harmonious colour palette but creating a more paired back look.

The flat lay of the smart casual look

Ready to rock in black ripped jeans, white T & bomber jacket

For the final look I turned to my Son Harry for his thoughts on how he’d wear the slippers. So channelling my inner rock god we styled the shoes for maybe a younger look with ripped skinny black jeans a slim fit white T and a black bomber jacket. I hope that this piece has given you some inspiration and some notes on how you can style your slipper loafers. Please let me know your thoughts and leave me a comment below. See full story at