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Case Study

Grey Fox’s David Evans

How Grey Fox’s David Evans found his dream slipper.

In 2011, David Evans was a fifty-something lawyer who’d spotted a gap in the menswear blogging sphere for content aimed at older customers. Five years on, his Grey Fox blog has become an undisputed phenomenon, with a loyal army of readers inspired by Evans’ quest for timeless masculine style. So when we heard he had always dreamt of owning the perfect pair of slippers, we were only too happy to oblige.

Formed in navy velvet with leather and satin insect and stamped leather outsoles, the slippers were crafted in England in their entirety – a given, bearing in mind Evans’ tireless championing of British brands. The centrepiece of the design, of course, is a sleek grey fox, sitting proudly on a Union Jack shield which Evans selected to represent British heritage. In a nod to his menswear passion, the knight’s helmet which tops the shield is crowned with a jaunty monogrammed hat; a cheeky nod to the classic yet individual aesthetic which Evans has made his own – an aesthetic which is considered down to the finest detail. But as he acknowledges, his sartorial signature is still evolving. His motto? “Style is a journey that lasts a lifetime.”

The Grey Fox, David Evans. Photograph by Nick Maroudias