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Case Study

Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield’s bespoke slippers are the real deal.

In the boxing world, Evander Holyfield is a bona fide legend; Olympic medallist, American champion, and the only man in history to have lifted the world heavyweight belt four times. Outside of the ring, his career has been no less impressive, from stints in Hollywood (where his credits run from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam) to helming a successful music label.

Of course, if a pair of slippers are going to be fit for a world champion, they need to be pretty world-class themselves. Rich black velvet provides a luxurious backdrop to a hand-embroidered crest, centred on a ruby-red heart which symbolises Holyfield’s fighting spirit both inside and outside the ring (as well as his victory over the heart condition which ended his boxing career). Intertwined varsity initials stamped on top represent his charitable works with the Holyfield Foundation.
Framing the heart, red gloves and laurel leaves pay tribute to Holyfield’s sporting achievements; above, a flaming cross and soaring doves reflect his religious ties. And – because this is Evander Holyfield, and because these are slippers made for a champion – there were two words that simply couldn’t be left out. Just like their wearer, these luxury slippers are the real deal.