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Styling and style


Blogger Carl Thompson talks wardrobe strategy for 2017

Most days, I try to wear stylish, comfortable clothing. And with more and more businesses moving towards an open dress policy at work, this is becoming a major growth sector in the menswear industry. I prefer to ignore the super-cheap clothing and focus on something a little more mid-range, as I feel that the price and quality of the materials, fabric and design are at the perfect balance.

Brands like Manière de Voir are in this sweet spot of casual, trend-led, clothing. Their products are not going to break the bank — and what you’ll get are clothes that look great, and are built using a good level of materials. Sometimes, you can buy an expensive item of clothing only to find that the quality is just not there and you feel a little bit hard done by. That’s why, when choosing what to buy, I will just try to find the best fitting, the best design, the best fabrics and the best customer care for the money that I wish to spend. That opens up your eyes to good clothing.

Donhall & Bell sells at a higher price bracket, but also offers good value for money. Their products are well-made, and the black leather and baby calf Redchurch sneakers pair perfectly with my Manière de Voir outfit for today.

Carl Thompson wears The Redchurch Sneakers.