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2 guys in restaurant and shoe

Styling and style


Sexy Fish has become one of the biggest stars on London’s dining scene, offering customers an experience that’s uniquely flamboyant, opulent and theatrical — all qualities that are reflected in their collaboration with Donhall & Bell.


In the heart of London’s West End, the streets of Mayfair are where modern bespoke began; two centuries ago, Beau Brummell and his contemporaries turned the district’s pavements into an open-air runway, introducing the world to the notion of the British dandy.
Fast forward to 2019, and Mayfair is still setting the pace on all things sartorial. So when Sexy Fish — the Berkeley Square restaurant that’s become one of the It-crowd’s hottest hot spots — approached us to create a bespoke slipper for their front-of-house team, we were only too thrilled to oblige. The finished product makes the restaurant’s koi fish emblem the star attraction, emblazoned in a blend of silvers, golds, hot pinks and underwater blues.